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Light Up Halloween with a Tiffany Lamp

If you’re a Tiffany lamp enthusiast looking for Halloween decor, or a Halloween lover looking to enhance your holiday collection, you should take a quick peek at the Tiffany style options available for the season. These light fixtures are a great way to brighten up the dark October nights and create festivity from Labor Day until Christmas.

Currently there are surprisingly few choices out there but they seem to come in three basic themes—pumpkins, monsters and skeletons. Pumpkin lamps are the most popular and have the most variety. There is a tall jack-o-lantern, a fat jack-o-lantern and two art glass pieces featuring jack-o-lantern scenes. All of these jacks sport cheerful faces. There is also a plain old harvest pumpkin. The monster lamp is in the shape of a Frankenstein bust. The skeleton lamp is a head in the style of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Meyda Tiffany Style Halloween Jack-o'-Lantern Lamp Picture

One of Meyda's Halloween Jack-o'-Lantern style lamps.

While these decorative lamps are considered Tiffany style accent lamps, or novelty lamps, they are also works of art. Most are handcrafted with Tiffany’s famous copper foil construction process using

dozens or even hundreds of cuts of glass. Some are produced by well-known art glass company Meyda Tiffany.

All of these Tiffany accent lamps with Halloween themes are for indoor use only. They are small–under a foot tall–and are meant as tabletop lamps. All but one are traditionally built with a line switch and use a single candelabra bulb. The plain old pumpkin is the only accent lamp to use batteries and LED lights and because of this it has the additional bonus of being portable.

Halloween-themed Tiffany lamps make great gifts for a hostess, a housewarming or can even be given as birthday or Christmas gifts for the Halloween buff. Not only do they bring beauty and warmth into your home, but they celebrate the spirit of the holiday. Illuminate the darkness of Hallow’s Eve with a jack-o-lantern, monster or skeleton or accent the season with a harvest pumpkin.

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