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Is A Dragonfly Lamp Right For You?

Dragonfly Tiffany LampSo you’re looking for a lamp that decorates the room and resonates with you personally; one to illuminate both your home and your life. It’s no easy task to find the perfect piece. It can take days, weeks or even months to find the lamp that’s right for you. Maybe you need a focal point for your living room? Or a conversation piece? A light for late-night journal writing? Consider a dragonfly tiffany lamp. The tiffany is a classic that brings color and elegance into your home. The dragonfly, with its positive meanings, will uplift and inspire.

Dragonflies symbolize maturity. In particular, they represent the sense of knowing oneself. Dragonflies are born in and remain around water in a larva state for most of their lives. Only toward the very end do they grow wings and fly. Therefore the creatures we recognize as dragonflies signify the point where intellect (air) finally balances and tempers emotion (water).

Dragonflies are a sign of new beginnings. They dance on the wind–a force that brings renewal and change to the world. They are expert fliers and can move forward, backward, up, down and hover in one place. With two sets of wings they can choose their speed and direction or simply float on the breeze.

Dragonflies represent love. The reason that dragonflies take flight in the final stage of their lives is to mate. The sight of two dragonflies together is considered a sign of impending romance and good fortune.

The dragonfly is featured on a number of original tiffany lamps. Dragonflies are positioned swirling around the shade, flying downward or even facing each other. Some of the more intricate ones use dragonflies with overlapping wings to form the edge of the shade.

If you find yourself drawn to these mystical insects or you’re moving toward a feeling of finally knowing yourself, take a look at the tiffany dragonfly lamp. You can find dragonflies on floor lamps, table lamps, pendant lamps, chandeliers and sconces. Does the action of the swirling dragonfly pattern attract you? Or do you prefer the symmetry of the downward dragonfly design? Are you partial to neutral colors or bright jewel tones? If you can, invest in a lamp made with organic materials such as bronze and glass. If you want the look and don’t have the budget, go for plastic and resin. Most importantly find a lamp that means something to you, that will grow with you and bring light to your home and your life. Keep the dragonfly in mind the next time you go searching for that perfect lamp.

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