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Autumn Seasonal Lamps by Meyda Tiffany

Autumn is a time of introspection: the winds begin to blow, leaves change color and the nights turn dark and cold. Autumn is undeniably beautiful and Meyda Tiffany offers a way to bring the beauty indoors with their Autumn Leaf collection. The collection includes two Tiffany style table lamps that pay tribute to the season with the motif of falling leaves. The lamps are comparable in both price and quality while differing in size, style and color.

Picture of Meyda Tiffany's Autumn collection large table lamp

Meyda's Large Autumn-Themed Table Lamp

The first lamp is the larger of the two, standing at 27.5 inches tall. The base is aged bronze and crafted in the form of a tree starting at the roots and reaching straight up through the trunk. The bronze is textured to capture the look and feel of bark. Continuing the tree theme are intertwined bronze vines bordering the lamp shade above and below. The crown of the lamp is covered with the same vines, allowing the light to shine through unfiltered. This lamp’s shade is 10.5 inches in height and 19 inches in diameter. The shade is dome-shaped and flat on the top and bottom. It features three-point leaves in a random wind-blown pattern. The colors are muted yellow, green, orange and brown with strands of variation throughout the stained glass. This lamp has a classic, understated feel with its soft Autumn colors and elegant dome shape.

The second lamp is smaller, standing at 23.5 inches tall. This lamp base is also aged bronze and

Picture of Meyda Tiffany's Autumn collection small table lamp

Meyda's Small Autumn-Themed Table Lamp

crafted in the form of a tree trunk with a texture like tree bark. Three barren branches stretch out from the main, while the trunk sways up toward the shade. At the topmost crown is a small bronze cap. This lamp’s shade is 6.5 inches in height and 18 inches in diameter. The umbrella-shaped shade has a jagged bottom edge formed by the falling leaf pattern. Ivory, yellow and orange are the prominent colors of this Tiffany art glass shade with the bottom section being primarily orange. This Meyda lamp has a natural look because of the curved base and added branches. There are fewer colors than in the first lamp, although the colors in this lamp’s shade are more vibrant and distinct.

The Autumn Leaf collection is designed and produced by Meyda Tiffany in New York, USA, but these glass lamps can also be found under the Illumine brand name. They require 60 watt maximum bulbs and are plug-in with a pull chain switch mechanism. The larger lamp uses three bulbs and the smaller needs two. Both Tiffany table lamps retail for just under $500 USD and both are truly lovely expressions of Autumn.

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